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Our FD and CFO Network

FD Capital Recruitment are a network of Finance Directors and Chief Financial Officers who work together to support each other and to fulfill opportunities that come forward from businesses looking for FD’s and CFO’s, we offer a full range of senior financial service options:-

How we work

If one of our team is available and the location works then we put them forward as preferred candidates, as we already know them and they have a track record with us. If an opportunity comes along that is outside of the areas where our FD’s and CFO’s are based (less of an issue now that businesses are more open to remote working) then we go out to the market in much the same way as regular Senior Finance Recruitment service does. We use Linkedin a lot and find that we can attract strong interest if we advertise roles with them.

 We are FD’s and CFO’s ourselves

We enjoy socialising with our FD’s and its also a great way to make connections and contacts for your own benefit and a way you can introduce members of our network to clients and service providers. We host regular dinners and events such as wine tasting evenings in locations around the country, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford and Guildford have been our most recent meetups.

Our team can make a real difference if you need a Business Recovery or Business Turnaround expert.

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If you are a business looking for an FD or CFO and to work with an Finance Director network then make sure to reach out to FD Capital Recruitment today.

167-169 Great Portland Street,

167-169 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5PF

Email us at recruitment@fdcapital.co.uk

Our Network

An FD network such as our own is a great alternative to working with a conventional senior Finance Recruitment service, as we have a team of FD’s ready and waiting to meet your needs, our team typically have many years of Portfolio FD or Interim FD work experience and can often start immediately. That gives you and us a significant advantage over traditional recruitment agencies who typically don’t know their candidates very well.

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